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#01 | The Power of Sovereignty with Rebel Black

Rebel Black – syntropic entrepreneur, human agronomist – whose mission in life is to #thrive, #heal and #evolve! Raised on a farm in rural NSW Australia and is the CEO & Founder of THE Rural Woman, a global business which she operates, with support of a remote team from her office on the opal fields in Lightning Ridge, Outback NSW. Rebel loves growing,harvesting, talking about and eating local food, creating safe spaces for people to heal through trauma, working online creating communities and inspiring rural women to #bloomwheretheyare.

THE Rural Woman is an innovation driven, creativity inspired, resilience building, productive, proactive, supportive eco-system of rural women from around the world, connecting, learning and discovering together on the topics that matters to us! Rebel is a champion of Rural Woman, and also an advocate of collaboration, connection and support through her town of Lightening Ridge by providing space for Thai Food, Yoga classes and accommodation for tourists.

To connect with Rebel and THE Rural Woman go to:

THE Rural Woman



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