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#05 | Empowering at-risk youth with positive choices with Adam Drake

We all hear the stories in the news about the detention rates, drug and alcohol abuse and dire circumstances that teenagers face in the Northern Territory. I am honoured to share this incredible guest with you that has taken this challenge and found a way to create positive change in these kids lives so that they can learn, grow and change their lives and be a role model for other youth.

Adam Drake trained actor/director and fitness instructor and founder of Balanced Choice, has taken his skills and experiences to develop  evidence-based program that is designed to educate at-risk young males about balance of the body, mind and spirit. The aim is to promote positive physical and mental activities to encourage young people to nourish the body, mind and soul and to make positive choices to live their best lives and achieve their goals. To create better mental health literacy, practical life skills, healthier relationships with peers and family, increased self-efficacy and resilience, a positive sense of the future, and a greater sense of connection to self and others.

Balanced Choice works predominantly with young people in the youth justice space. They also facilitate professional development workshops based on team building and self-care to private organisations.

To contact Adam or find out more go to https://www.balancedchoice.org/



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