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#07 | Power of Stories to create Global Care Movement with Sandy McDonald

It was an absolute pleasure to have Sandy McDonald join me on the show. Sandy is a Change Maker, Action Taker, Care Giver in the most purest, authentic way. She simply sees a need, and uses her skills from 22 of marketing and communication, to share the stories of those in need. Which in turns attracts and builds a community that take stewardship of projects to create outstanding results.

Founder of SandyMcDonald.com and charity, CreateCare Global, Sandy is an author, a TEDx speaker, and a storytelling trainer. Working with businesses to bring clarity of communication through purpose-led story.

CreateCare Global brings together compassionate, creative, problem-solvers that contribute small actions, that create a big impact on helping provide for vulnerable children that are in need globally.

One project is Knit-a-square which has distributed over 90,000 blankets since 2008 to warm and comfort the cold,orphaned or vulnerable children of South Africa.

Sandy’s TEDx talk about this, Tell Your Story. Save a Life received a standing ovation, and her book, Clans, Supercharge your business details the framework that achieved this. Watch here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YtuYmwKtiDE&feature=youtu.be

Sandy is passion is sharing the power of storytelling to help change-makers to create to positive action to spread kindness and love across Australia, and around the world.

Connect with Sandy:




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