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#09 | Creating World Wide Change with Steph Woollard

Get ready to hear from one of the most inspiring and insightful beings I have even met! Stephanie Woollard began Seven Women at age 22 after meeting seven disabled women working in a tin shed in Kathmandu. These seven women were struggling to make a living in the face of harsh discrimination.

15 years on and over 5,500 women have been educated, trained and employed by Seven Women, providing the tools to lift themselves out of poverty. Stephanie has been internationally recognised with numerous global awards including the UN Rotary International Responsible Business Award and more recently the Order of Australia.

Seven Women is dedicated to Empowering disabled and marginalised women in Nepal through drawing out their human potential.

Steph shares insights on her belief that to making real and lasting change, is about drawing out the full potential in others; starting with oneself. 

It was a true honour and privilege to speak, connect and learn from this inspirational lady, who is no where near finished in providing help, support and value to the world.

Connect with Steph from the links below: 



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