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#10 | Importance of Purpose with Gareth Benson

Gareth Benson is the leadership voice in the Future of Work and for the Future of Education. His goal is to create opportunities for One Million Australians in empowering the future of work by 2022. A qualified Barrister and Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Victoria Gareth is a keynote professional speaker and Higher Education lecturer. He has delivered keynotes and lectures at conferences and Universities around Australia.

Gareth advocates for the Future of Education including on behalf of international students and employability outcomes that ensures that no one is left behind. He is passionate about how education will shape the future of work and actively works with students and entrepreneurs in sharing skills and information about preparing for the new working world – The GIG economy.

Through all of his extensive and varied working life Gareth has found that finding and working on your purpose path is where the real Gold of life is. Having personally been coached by Gareth to help me with my purpose I can honestly share how powerful the experience was for me. 

Connect with Gareth through the links below and if you happen to hear this before the 11th of August I highly recommend attending his Digital Entrepreneur Summit – https://growwithhemievents.com/webinar-registration-408090661596153884433?fbclid=IwAR3qL6Tmws-PWPhL0vykspTQQj3MIXn-J_YYPc8UmCc9zz0oOSaLMHxBHlU





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