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#16 | A tribute to my hero – My Dad

Every little girl looks at their Dad as their hero. I was no different. I think the world of my dad and am so proud of the service and achievements he has made to his community, the nation and impact he has made on my life.

Dad joined the CFA in his early 20’s and he has been involved ever since. As a young recruit he was placed around Geelong, he then became a trainer at the CFA training college in Fiskville. We then moved to Wodonga where Dad was promoted to Regional Officer. As kids we had an interesting childhood living at the station. It was exciting and exciting with lots of places to explore and bring around the fire trucks was always a thrill. The reality of job used to hit when the alarms would sound, especially during the middle of the night.

The resilience, determination and service I have seen my Dad show through his lifetime of service will never be forgotten from me and the many others whose life he has impacted.

I owe my love of community to my Dad, he was always on a board, committee, service club. From school committees, sporting clubs, and recreational groups to Lions Clubs, CFA and every other group he could possibly help out. This instilled a value in me that giving back to your community isn’t something you ‘should’ do, it’s just something that you do.

Happy Fathers Day Dad.

Love always

Cyclone Cathryn

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