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#20 | Transforming People and Corporations with Susan Morrice

Geologist, Explorer and World Visionary Susan Morrice is leading the way in how businesses and large corporations operate. Grounded by her love of nature Susan lives to create positive change in the world and is renowned for her down-to-earth approach. She has a passion for the protection of our precious environment and a vision of uncovering the true potential of everyone with whom she meets and works. Susan story and journey of how she found oil in a country everyone had said there was none is one of the more powerful and inspirational stories I have heard. Susan is now on a mission to help everyone find their “Oil” within so they can live at their full potential. 

“ Let the Energy of the Earth Ignite the Energy of the People ” – Susan Morrice


Susan was born and raised in Belfast Ireland, with a MoD degree in Geology from Trinity College Dublin. 

She began her career as a frontier geologist, working all over the World. Her work with Englishman, Sir Ian Rankin, took her to Belize where she fell in love with the people and the Country.

After 15 years of exploration, finding no oil, Susan and her business partner, Mike Usher, attended the Educo Seminar – a specialized seminar on Human Potential and the power of the mind.  Through utilizing what they learned, on 24 June 2005 Susan and Mike, and their BNE team, did the unheard of and struck oil on their first well.

Belize Natural Energy Limited (BNE) is an oil and gas company with world-class standards which began in 2005 when the first commercial oil was discovered by Susan Morrice and her business partner Mike Usher at Spanish Lookout, Western Belize.  (Currently BNE produces approximately 2,000 barrels of crude oil per day, 1,800 gallons of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), and 160 thousand cubic feet per day (MCF/D) of fuel gas for electricity generation

BNE has become a global oil industry beacon that has made a real difference in the Country of Belize. It was through Susan’s gift of exploration, and an understanding of the power of untapped human potential that she was able to find oil where it was believed by all of the Majors in the oil industry that there was none. 

In 2015 BNE celebrated ten years of production and over ten-million barrels of oil, contributing significantly to the economy and for over 7 years has been the number one revenue generator for the Belize Government.

Susan has been awarded the “AAPG Presidential Award for Exemplary Service” in recognition of her exceptional service to the geoscience profession and AAPG (American Association of Petroleum Geologists).   She is continuously recognized for her contributions including the Denver Business Journal’s “Top Women in Energy” and the CoBiz Magazine’s “Top Women Owned Companies.”  These are just a few of the numerous acknowledgments and awards that Susan Morrice has received in recognition of her contributions Worldwide. 

In 2017, beating 50 other countries including the UK, USA, Canada and the UAE, Susan and the BNE team were awarded the highly competitive and prestigious Global “GetEnergy” Educational Award for the educational model that is at the core of the company and for making the most lasting, sustainable difference in a country.  It is with great pride that Susan and the BNE team received this award, as the Educo holistic educational system is the key to the company’s success.

In fact, the Educo sustainable business model is sought after around the World by many leaders, including those from Mexico, Guatemala, the UAE and the USA.

In October 2015 a major trade treaty was signed at the United Nations between Belize and the UAE.  This unification is not just economic, but represents a true understanding between the two nations.  The UAE are interested in BNE and Belize because of the Educo Model, which is all about empowering the individual and channeling the energy within.

In addition to 55% of BNE’s revenue stream going direct to the Belize Government, in just over 9 years, the BNE Trust has invested 9.3 million Belize dollars in education throughout Belize.  This included 1,072 student loans and 380 direct job creations in addition to over 150 in BNE.

With its expertise in sustainability, BNE was chosen to feature in a commemorative book entitled “From Westminster to the World” to mark the 70th anniversary of the Commonwealth, which was launched at Westminster Abbey, London in June 2019.

Susan has a passion for sharing the steps she took for the transformational Vision of Belize to become a reality.  She feels everyone can take these steps and bring out their visionary capacity to change the World and welcomes people with an interest in finding out more to contact her direct.





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