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#26 | Collaborate to create change with Zizi Charida

“To invigorate and inspire community mindedness for better connected, inclusive and resourceful communities across the world” – Vision of Community Minds Inc.

Zizi Charida is a strong advocate of empowering people and building their capacity and skills as opposed to just “helping” people and communities. I also strongly believe that in working with people there is an exchange of learnings and benefits regardless of the context in which that exchange takes place.

Zizi is the Founder and CEO of Community Minds Incorporated. Community Minds Inc aims to work with community (sector, as well as groups and citizens), schools, businesses, corporate and government to strengthen and build capacity of staff, services and programs and to work collaboratively with community stakeholders to build, engage and strengthen communities, to ensure that communities are empowered, resourced and citizen-driven. They also believe

Community Minds Inc believes that no desired change can occur in our local, national or global communities if we do not instill and harness community minded thinking in people, to encourage thinking, perceptions and actions that benefit others, ultimately contributing to health and wealth of communities. And that the ‘work’ of a community doesn’t lie in the hands of community ‘professionals’ rather it’s everyone’s business.

With Over 20 years experience in community development and capacity building projects Zizi is pairing her vast experience and passion to create a  unique position of understanding and working with both the community sector and business and corporate sector, and has created the opportunity to work on the ground in developing social enterprises. She has organised and presented workshops on various aspects of community development and engagement, as well as cultural diversity, where we look at innovative ways to engage and celebrate cultural diversity.





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