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#29| Recognising and celebrating the differences in children with Sharon Murphy

Mother and Daughter team like no other! Raising the standards for children with disabilities, mentally and physically, and making sure they are seen, respected, and have the technology needed to thrive in their education. Sharon Murphy joins us to share her story, and that of Keeley’s Cause and what a story and message it is!!

Sharon Murphy is the Director of Keeley’s Cause, and mother of 3 children, 2 of those have Autism and youngest , Keeley, has an Intellectual Disability on top of her Autism diagnosis.

Keeley’s Cause was founded by Keeley In 2017 at age 13, created the Organisation after her own personal journey with the inability to learn current taught curriculum in schools without the use of an iPad or technology. Keeley decided the gap for children with Autism and Intellectual Disabilities needed to be bridged, and Keeley’s Cause was created. Keeley’s Cause provides iPads for children diagnosed with Autism and Intellectual disabilities. The cause was established by Keeley and her mother Sharon after seeing first hand the benefits technology can bring to children with Autism and Intellectual disabilities.

Sharon brought her 14 years experience in the Welfare Sector and over 15 years experience in the Volunteering Sector amongst different Communities to the table and has watched the charity flourish whilst ensuring Keeley’s direction and needs are met. Sharon is also a Welfare Counsellor behind the scenes supporting and liaising with families and their children, advocating for the rights and inclusion of children with Disabilities.

Keeley’s Cause is now a National Charity assisting children across Australia, with a number of Awards including the Diana Award in the UK on July 1st this year For Outstanding Contribution in Society in memory of Princess Diana. Keeley was 1 of only 2 Australian recipients to receive this prestigious award.

Since recording the episode Keeley has since been nominated for Victoria’s Young Australian For Australian of the Year Awards and received 2020 Victorian Regional Achievement and Community Awards. CONGRATULATIONS KEELEY! You are an absolute superstar!




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