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#32 | Backbone of Australia to Protector of Products Internationally with Robert Mackenzie

PLEASE if you can help Robert in his plight to save his farm from being cut up for a highway, I urge you to reach out to him at the details below. Hear the details of his fight in the episode.

We all know farmers are the salt of the earth. None more so than Robert Mackenzie! Robert is 5th Generation Producer of the Prestigious Mack’s Australian Black Angus Beef. This incredible mans grit and determination to uphold the legacy passed down from his Grandfather and Great Aunties is a story this great country was built upon. He shares openly about the challenges, struggles and constant knocks a farming life offers. These stoic people deserve all of our love and respect with the mammoth amount they selflessly give to their animals, the land, industry and especially their community.

Even in the midst of one of the toughest years, without any help or support from the government, still found ways to donate left, right and centre to make sure those in need received help, support and a decent feed. The Mackenzie’s have even gone to massive extremes to support charities by riding postie bikes across Australia!

Hearing how Robert is assisting and constantly advocating better protection of farmers produce shows a real unique ingenuity. Read the article and PDF below to find out more of this game changing innovation that will save our farmers millions of dollars.

Mack’s Australian Black Angus Beef – this is a family success story built on passion, quality and commitment.

The Mackenzie history is part of the breed’s Australian success story with the highly sought after beef, with a history dating back to 1884 when Archie Mackenzie’s first started running Black Angus cattle on their property near Port Stephens, NSW.

Fueled by a passion to produce the highest quality cattle, the Mackenzie legacy was passed down to Archie’s son, Bruce, who now runs the property with his son, Robert. With Robert’s two sons now taking a keen interest in the operation, the combination of teamwork and togetherness upholds the family philosophy of quality beef, underscored by a commitment to genetics and breeding.

Macka’s Australian Black Angus Beef take a holistic approach to their operation, with Black Angus cattle reared across five New South Wales properties: They enjoy a stress-free life with their care and wellbeing paramount to the company. Macka’s pride themselves on respect for their land and cattle – an ideal that has led to their brand becoming synonymous with quality, history and integrity.

With a passion and drive as vibrant and promising as the current domestic and export market, the future of Macka’s Australian Black Angus Beef is looking bright for the next generation of Mackenzie’s and beyond.






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