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#39 | Untypical approach to helping regional communities with Neil Butler

Our guest today is Untypical in more ways than one! Neil Butler started his professional life as a school teacher in the early 1980s. After 5 years, he stepped out into the corporate world where he has spent the past 30+ years sharing his Energetic personality and highly competent transformation leadership skills across a wide range of disciplines and industries within Australia and in national, regional and global roles. 

Most recently, Neil has taken a more entrepreneurial path, establishing a range of products under the business name Untypical – a name that reflects his untypical approach to problem solving and the generation of ideas. These include business transformation, broadcasting and most, recently, community and business-focused podcasting activities, with a specific focus on regional Australia. 

Neil is passionate about helping regional communities to flourish, not just exist. His newest podcasting product is Regional Podcasts – a service that provides a voice to the people who live or work in, and/or around, a regional town or city. 

Conversations with decision-makers, business people and other local characters – providing entertainment and information with a focus on your community. Also with the launch of Smallbiz TV Neil provides an affordable option for small businesses who want to use video but don’t have the budget and/or expertise to create their own.




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