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#40 | Finding your powerful voice with Louise Mahler

Your voice, your body language and your mindset create the unconscious messages that undermine your presence. Dr Mahler trains these to deliver confident messages instead. She will give you the authentic manner of a leader who commands respect whether you are negotiating an eight-figure sale, presiding over a boardroom meeting, pitching for new business, being interviewed or trying to inspire the crowd from a stage.

Dr Louise Mahler, is one of the most original thinkers in business communication today. Louise began her further education studies with an economics degree majoring in statistics, it’s an interesting journey of how she has now become an expert in presence and influence! Louise spent a decade singing opera in Europe with some of the greatest divas of our time or a soloist’s contract at the Vienna State Opera, but it was a Masters in Organizational Psychology and a ‘PhD in Business’ that brought it all together.

Louise has established The Mahler Method which is a complete program of building presence and influence that changes lives. Her work has had a transformative effect on many people’s lives. Dr Mahler’s extensive knowledge is supported by cutting-edge processes that identify and resolve your personal stumbling blocks. She will then guide you through the process of developing the professional style that identifies you as a force to be reckoned with. That tells people you are here to lead.

Louise is a guest presenter for leaders and leadership-teams worldwide and coaches federal politicians, heads of international business and rising corporate talent when the need to give voice arises. Louise makes regular TV appearances, has a series of videos with the Australian Financial Review and is a constant feature for comment on radio and has published a book ‘Resonate’ with Penguin Random House is for ‘people who need to be heard’.





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