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#43| Master of Art by Mr Joy Bomb with Alen Kasumovic

Alen is an unstoppable force; he is Mr Joy Bomb!  From Zagreb, Croatia, Alen had every reason to feel like a victim. Born with Arthrogryposis, he cannot walk and has a limited range of motion in his hands. However, Alen never had the point of view that he is a victim: To quote him:“I never judged my body for not being able to walk and do stuff others do.I was always comfortable in looking different.” Since he can’t use his hands as others do, he uses his mouth to paint, take photos, type on the laptop and phone with my lips and a lot of other things – basically, his mouth are his hands!”It was with Alen’s exceptional drive and determination that saw him accepted to the prestigious Fine Arts Academy in Zagreb, Croatia. From there, his talent and conviction led to his work being shown in multiple cities across the globe.Alen is a creator and a seeker, he is never still and always craves more!“For Alen, nothing is impossible. He invites others to the possibility of creating change in their own lives.”





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