Community is the cornerstone of Success!

Cathryn has developed a unique set of skills through years of experience & diverse working career, from high-end clothing and jewellery sectors, a self-employed vermin destroyer and owner of Focus36 -boutique outlet showcasing locally made products. Also, she has worked in hardware stores, warehouses, newsagents, supermarkets, motels, restaurants & more! She attributes these various job roles and industries to her ability to understanding the inner workings and being able to positively assist such a diverse array of businesses and organisations, “These different opportunities provided me a wealth of knowledge through a large range of industries.”

Becoming involved as a Committee Member at her local Landcare gave her experiences and opportunities that have continued to serve her still to this day. At the beginning she was nervous to speak up and share her thoughts and ideas. The people in the group were over twice her age. It was soon apparent that her younger age was a significant advantage, along with her innovative ideas and knowledge of business and connecting with people. Over time her voice stopped shaking every time she delivered a report or was required to make a speech. She went from an ordinary member to vice president while she was pregnant with her youngest daughter, then president for 2 years before moving away from the region. At the peak of her involvement in the Landcare community she was on 3 committee boards, a representation of the level of dedication she takes with her involvement on any project. Each gave an entirely different level of involvement to the community and different services and outcomes. This experience was very valuable and beneficial in providing a much broader aspect and vision. 

Cathryn has developed the ability to connect, communicate and work with people from all walks of life. Using these skills she works actively with Community Groups, Service Organisations, Businesses and other social and activity based clubs, with helping them attract members, increase engagement with members and the community, facilitates planning sessions, manages projects and assists with marketing and promotion of events, clubs and other activities.

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