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#43| Master of Art by Mr Joy Bomb with Alen Kasumovic

Alen is an unstoppable force; he is Mr Joy Bomb!  From Zagreb, Croatia, Alen had every reason to feel like a victim. Born with Arthrogryposis, he cannot walk and has a limited range of motion in his hands. However, Alen never had the point of view that he is a victim: To quote him:“I never judged my body for not being able to walk and do stuff others do.I was always comfortable in looking different.” Since he can’t use his hands as others do, he uses his mouth to paint, take photos, type on the laptop and phone with my lips and a lot of other things – basically, his mouth are his hands!”It was with Alen’s exceptional drive and determination that saw him accepted to the prestigious Fine Arts Academy in Zagreb, Croatia. From there, his talent and conviction led to his work being shown in multiple cities across the globe.Alen is a creator and a seeker, he is never still and always craves more!“For Alen, nothing is impossible. He invites others to the possibility of creating change in their own lives.”


#42 | Walking Around Australia for Beyond Blue with Warren Wright

Warren Wright from Tamworth New South Wales has always loved challenging himself and helping people out. He is a qualified personal trainer and has also worked in the nursing industry for 26 year’s. During his life Warren has experienced moments of mental health challenges and Beyond Blue was always there for him when he needed it the most. The caring, understanding and help staff were pivotal in providing him solutions and action steps to help get my mental health back on track.

Being an adventurer at heart, Warren has pledged to walk over 40,000 kms around Australia to raise awareness of mental health and money for Beyond Blue. Warren left his home town on the 21st of September 2020 and predicts that it will take him 3 years to complete the full lap of the incredible country of ours.

So if you see a man with Blue hair and a bright blue buggy please wave or stop by to say hello, it’s our mate Wazza.

You can follow along on the journey on his Facebook page

To donate:

#41 | Breaking the limitations of education with Martina Geromin

Today we hear from the incredibly inspiring CEO & Co-Founder of School Beyond Limitations Martina Geromin. For Martina Education has always been part of her life. As a 5 years old child she dreamed of becoming first a teacher and then a school leader who would take care of her own creation. She wanted to make space for the wonder of learning and knowledge, for the beauty of each single individual – something that deeply inside her felt like being the most important purpose of life: finding her/his own potential and making it available to oneself and society as a whole.

Martina fulfilled her childhood dreams and became an expert in education, knowledge management and leadership. As a teacher, university lecturer, trainer, adult educator and executive in international educational institutions. Her motivation has always been and continues to be, committed to helping each person realize their uniqueness and bring it to the world. Having worked internationally, she sees education and personal development as the vehicle for real change.

One day she called me (I was a participant of one of her marketing coaching courses), by asking me: ‘Martina, where does your heart belong to?’ Promptly I answered that it beats for education and giving young students the opportunity to live their full potential.

After 30 years in the field Martina was asked by a good friend Katharina & now business partner ‘Wouldn’t it be possible to create an online school?’

That was the starting point for the creation and the design of School Beyond Limitations: A school that would see the student as a whole human being – a school that would go beyond limitations.


#40 | Finding your powerful voice with Louise Mahler

Your voice, your body language and your mindset create the unconscious messages that undermine your presence. Dr Mahler trains these to deliver confident messages instead. She will give you the authentic manner of a leader who commands respect whether you are negotiating an eight-figure sale, presiding over a boardroom meeting, pitching for new business, being interviewed or trying to inspire the crowd from a stage.

Dr Louise Mahler, is one of the most original thinkers in business communication today. Louise began her further education studies with an economics degree majoring in statistics, it’s an interesting journey of how she has now become an expert in presence and influence! Louise spent a decade singing opera in Europe with some of the greatest divas of our time or a soloist’s contract at the Vienna State Opera, but it was a Masters in Organizational Psychology and a ‘PhD in Business’ that brought it all together.

Louise has established The Mahler Method which is a complete program of building presence and influence that changes lives. Her work has had a transformative effect on many people’s lives. Dr Mahler’s extensive knowledge is supported by cutting-edge processes that identify and resolve your personal stumbling blocks. She will then guide you through the process of developing the professional style that identifies you as a force to be reckoned with. That tells people you are here to lead.

Louise is a guest presenter for leaders and leadership-teams worldwide and coaches federal politicians, heads of international business and rising corporate talent when the need to give voice arises. Louise makes regular TV appearances, has a series of videos with the Australian Financial Review and is a constant feature for comment on radio and has published a book ‘Resonate’ with Penguin Random House is for ‘people who need to be heard’.


#39 | Untypical approach to helping regional communities with Neil Butler

Our guest today is Untypical in more ways than one! Neil Butler started his professional life as a school teacher in the early 1980s. After 5 years, he stepped out into the corporate world where he has spent the past 30+ years sharing his Energetic personality and highly competent transformation leadership skills across a wide range of disciplines and industries within Australia and in national, regional and global roles. 

Most recently, Neil has taken a more entrepreneurial path, establishing a range of products under the business name Untypical – a name that reflects his untypical approach to problem solving and the generation of ideas. These include business transformation, broadcasting and most, recently, community and business-focused podcasting activities, with a specific focus on regional Australia. 

Neil is passionate about helping regional communities to flourish, not just exist. His newest podcasting product is Regional Podcasts – a service that provides a voice to the people who live or work in, and/or around, a regional town or city. 

Conversations with decision-makers, business people and other local characters – providing entertainment and information with a focus on your community. Also with the launch of Smallbiz TV Neil provides an affordable option for small businesses who want to use video but don’t have the budget and/or expertise to create their own.


#38 | Comedy Genius to national advocate for employment of people with disabilities with Tim Ferguson

For the last 40 years Tim Ferguson has been a staple feature in numerous TV shows, comedy acts, movies and well pretty much everywhere! For the last 30 Tim has been living with Multiple Sclerosis. Tim’s view on the whole situation – “I don’t suffer Multiple Sclerosis; it suffers me!” Despite his condition, Tim has vowed to never stop making audiences laugh.

Tim continues to pursue his love of comedy. He continues to work in international stand-up, making movies & TV. He loves giving Keynote Speeches about overcoming challenges (like his MS) as well as promotes employment for people with disabilities. His mission is to teach writers & producers how to create screen comedies based on his teaching of lifelong learning from his mentors and colleagues & ancient comic writings, synthesised in Tim’s comedy writing manual, ‘The Cheeky Monkey’. 

Behind the screen Tim is also a very accomplished artist, just like his comedy his art work is unique, remarkable, outstanding and nothing like you have ever seen before. 

To make this episode even better Tim was gracious enough to make time on his birthday! There is even a special guest camo by Maynard the JJJ Legend!

Get in touch to commission your very own Tim special, or to become a screen writer or discover your comic genius at:

#37 | Spreading the cool word of kindness with Naomi Lambert

Naomi Lambert is the founder and CEO of The Cool To Be Kind Project and self-professed Kindness Ninja. After a devastating battle with infertility and a subsequent hysterectomy, Naomi found other ways to make an impact on this world and proudly shares her story of survival, courage and finally finding her reason. She offers peer support advice and visits (both in person and virtually) to other individuals / couples currently struggling with becoming parents.

The Cool To Be Kind Project started in January 2018 now it is a global social initiative with the important goal of sharing kindness wherever and whenever we can. That human quality within us all which often gets forgotten in the hustle and bustle of life.

So far their Kindness has been found in Australia, US, Brazil, England, Spain, NZ, Thailand and South Africa. And because kindness doesn’t cost anything there are no boundaries to where we can be or who we can help.

Naomi is determined to ensure this movement will be around for a long time because unlike the latest fad, kindness will always be cool.

There are so many terrible things going on in the world right now so it’s as good a time as any to share the kindness and make people smile.


#36 | Delivering products & support for Breast Cancer Warrior’s with Katrina Houghton

Driven by ambition and motivation Katrina Houghton has exceeded expectations academically and through her sporting career. A skilled and passionate public service professional with over 10 years experience at Manager and Director levels. She has also represented Australia in Junior Hockey.

In 2018 Kat’s world fell apart when Kat was diagnosed with HER2+ breast cancer at just 37. She had 3 cancerous lesions in my right breast and after further scans, found that the cancer had also travelled to her lymph nodes.

Katrina immediately put her full time job as an economist on hold and started a cancer management journey which included 16 rounds of chemo, double mastectomy, 25 rounds of radiation, and 18 weeks of herceptin.

During Kats cancer journey she decided it was important to use her skills and experience to help fellow cancer warriors.  This kickstarted the  Know Your Knockers Breast Cancer Pocket Guide, which provides lots of content and information on products and services available for patients.  She then started to design and manufacture her own range of pocketed fashion. Utilizing the talents of a local designer they set the sights on producing and showcasing Australian made products. They are determined to ensure delivery of amazing products to all of the beautiful women that have been touched by this disease!


#35 | Brightening the lives and celebrating Women of the land with Alicia McClymont

Growing up on the family cattle property in north west qld, Alicia did distances education until she was 10. She finished school at boarding school in Cairns then went on to study fashion design in Brisbane.  Alicia was inspired by her mother and grandmother who despite the limitations when living in the harsh rural and remote areas of Australia, they never compromised on their sense of style and femininity. Because of this, Alicia grew up expressing herself through what she wore. 

After university Alicia moved back to the station for what was meant to be only 1 year to pay off her hecs debt – however it turned into 10 years. In this time she travelled around Australia, overseas, brought a property off her dad and got her helicopter licences. 

During her time on the farm and working at other properties she was always limited to the standard blue, green, pink and red work shirts that bore a striking resemblance to her brother’s. They didn’t quite fill the fashion conscious girl with excitement each morning, so she began her quest to create a fashionable solution, and Antola Trading was born. 

An authentic, empowering and reliable work wear because life is busy enough on the land without having to worry about your wardrobe. Antola Trading shirts have been designed for long days in the sun, and they’re ready for any hard work you do while you’re wearing them.

As a commitment to the amazing women that live and work in her community, Alicia has named each shirt after the property on which she lives or grew up on because they represent what Antola Trading is all about and to remind you of the close community of strong and vibrant women you are a part of.

#34 | Sharing Dignity, Love and Kindness across Australia with Rochelle Courtenay

Share The Dignity has quickly become a household name! Rochelle Courtenay founder and Managing Director; affectionately known as the ‘Pad Lady’ a title she is most proud of, leads a team of volunteers collecting around 2.7 million sanitary products across Australia.

When Rochelle first learnt of homeless women going without basic sanitary items during their menstrual cycle, she decided the question was not, “why is no one doing anything” but rather, “what’s stopping me from doing something?” In March 2015, Rochelle took matters into her own hands collecting sanitary items with her local community and distributing to local shelters.

As a result, a simple idea of giving dignity to women, Share the Dignity was created and has grown to a national charity. It now has over 5,600 volunteers Australia wide, and most noteworthy, provides multiple initiatives aimed at giving dignity to women.

Share the Dignity works to make a real, on the ground difference in the lives of those experiencing homelessness, fleeing domestic violence, or doing it tough. We distribute period products to those in need and work to end period poverty here in Australia. When someone is doing it tough, the last thing on their mind should be dealing with their period.

Further to her simple, genius idea Rochelle has grit, determinations and drive to support and serve others is a way that gives you Goosebumps and forces you to look at how you can give back, help and support in anyway possible. Warning there is some ugly crying involved in this episode which only further highlights the nature of this remarkable woman and incredible story.