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Tim Ferguson

#38 | Comedy Genius to national advocate for employment of people with disabilities with Tim Ferguson

For the last 40 years Tim Ferguson has been a staple feature in numerous TV shows, comedy acts, movies and well pretty much everywhere! For the last 30 Tim has been living with Multiple Sclerosis. Tim’s view on the whole situation – “I don’t suffer Multiple Sclerosis; it suffers me!” Despite his condition, Tim has vowed to never stop making audiences laugh. Tim continues to pursue his love of comedy. He continues to work in international stand-up, making movies & TV. He loves giving Keynote Speeches about overcoming challenges (like his MS) as well as promotes employment for people with disabilities. His mission is to teach writers & producers how to create screen comedies based on his teaching of lifelong learning from his mentors and colleagues & ancient comic writings, synthesised in Tim’s comedy writing manual, ‘The Cheeky Monkey’.  Behind the screen Tim is also a very accomplished artist, just like his comedy his art work is unique, remarkable, outstanding and nothing like you have ever seen before.  To make this episode even better Tim …